Summer Planting Season - Note from Our Growers

We take many efforts to ensure your plants arrive happy and healthy. Once delivered, we ask that you please open the package and remove the plants as soon as possible to give them fresh air and light. Be sure to keep their soil moist until you're able to plant them in their new home.

Some of your plants may look like they received a trim. Here's why:

Plants will become leggy when grown in a controlled environment where they're competing for sunlight and lacking room to expand their roots and width. Growing up is their only option, which often causes the bottom of the plants to lose leaves. Tall, leggy plants are also more difficult to ship, harder to water, and with more top-growth the chance for bug and disease issues increases. Cutting back the plants helps to prevent these issues by giving them more room to grow while giving us easier access to their roots for watering and other care. Once your plants have settled into their new home, they will begin to grow and bring you—and the pollinators—joy for years to come.


Thank you for purchasing a Garden for Wildlife Native Plant Collection. Your purchase supports the independently-owned nursery that grew your plants, helps important wildlife, and benefits the non-profit mission of the National Wildlife Federation and our Garden for Wildlife program.

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