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Planting and our mission statement

Our Mission: Make it easy to make an impact.

We think planting for wildlife should be a no-brainer. So we’ve made it simple for you to connect what you plant to the positive impact on wildlife and the planet. Because seeing the change makes all the difference.

Black butterfly on flower


The results are in. Scientific studies confirm wildlife thrive in greater numbers where gardens are planted with native plants that provide floral diversity, rich nectar, pollen sources and three-season bloom.

You’ll help birds, pollinators such as bees, butterflies, other insects, amphibians and small mammals, and reptiles.  Using native plants and eco-friendly gardening practices to give food, water, cover, and places to raise their young.

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Bring nature home. There’s no easier place to get a daily dose of nature and the physical, mental and spiritual benefits that go along with it than right outside your own door.

Become a critical force for change by taking a journey with us. People and wildlife are sharing space with what was once critical habitat for wildlife. Now more than ever, there is a pressing need to help find a balance where people and wildlife can coexist and turn the tide of declines. Together, we can do our part to create change.

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Did you know?

Metropolitan populations combined, equal an area half the size of the 48 states, which is also where two thirds of wildlife species reside.

Soil of our planet


Your impact reaches far beyond your own garden. If you have a lawn, consider making it smaller with wildflowers, shrubs, trees and other native plants, you’ll be creating habitat for declining wildlife, but also helping to reduce urban heat islands and manage storm water runoff. And unlike lawns, wildflowers don’t rely on toxic chemicals to look amazing.

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We’ve removed the guesswork and web searches. We know which native plants will best support wildlife. Since most stores carry little-to-no natives, we work with a network of regional growers to get chemical-free native plants delivered to you.

We currently offer native plant collections for 36 states in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and Midwest and we're working to expand nationwide.

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