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Garden for Wildlife In The News

Word about how native plants help wildlife and the planet is catching on! Check out our latest press hits below.

You — yes, you! — can help the planet. Start in your backyard.

This column will give you some tools to help mitigate the damage we’re causing to the planet. But, first, let’s look at why you — yes, you — should pay attention to this.

How to Get Your Yard Wildlife Habitat-Certified

If you enjoy gardening to bring beauty to your landscape, you can up your game by consciously making it a welcoming home for butterflies, birds, bees and other beneficial wildlife. Read on to learn how to get your yard certified as a Wildlife Habitat.

Looking for Some Backyard Inspiration? Consider Starting a Native Plant Garden

We asked an expert how to identify the varieties that are original to your region and help them thrive.

Grow Native Plants to Help Pollinators, But Here's Why You Should Think Twice About Nativars

Some plant varieties are better than others at supporting butterflies and bees. Here's what you need to know.

How to Find Best Native Plants to Attract Birds No Matter Where You Live

Shubber Ali, CEO of Garden for Wildlife, joins hosts Tom Kraeutler and Leslie Segrete with tips on how to find the native plants that will thrive attracting birds in your specific area, as well as how to creat a Certified Wildlife Habitatin your own backyard!

The Organic Gardener

January 29, 2023

Meet the National Wildlife Federation

Hosts Fran Chismar and Tom Knezick sit down with Mary Phillips (Head of Garden for Wildlife / Certified Wildlife Habitat) from The National Wildlife Federation to talk about the multitude of programs offered by the NWF that support native plants, wildlife, and healthy ecosystems.

6 Best Plants to Attract Birds to Your Yard

According to Shubber Ali, CEO ofGarden for Wildlife, it is important for everyone to prioritize the protection of wildlife and biodiversity. He believes that by saving birds, we will also be able to preserve many other species that coexist with us on the earth.

Ron Wilson - Hour 3

Ron chats with Shubber Ali, Gary Sullivan and you!

5 Ways You Can Help Monarch Butterflies This Migration Season

Endangered migratory monarch butterflies travel from the northern U.S. and Canada to Mexico each year—here’s how you can help them on their journey.

2023 Garden Trends Report: I Believe In Me

The 2023 report features what we believe to be the moment’s two most significant driving forces, individuality, and accessibility.

National Wildlife Federation launches Garden for Wildlife, Inc.

The National Wildlife Federation announced the launch of its Garden for Wildlife, Inc. enterprise led by CEO Shubber Ali. As CEO, Ali will drive the company's mission to empower individuals and businesses to create a more sustainable world and help wildlife, starting in their own yards.

Ditching grass could help your backyard thrive

Lawns are ecological ‘dead space.’ Experts explain how to design a more eco-friendly yard.

Garden for Wildlife: Accessing the Right Native Plants, with the NWF

Native plants are all the rage right now — or all the buzz, considering how much pollinators love native flowers.

How to Create a Much-Needed ‘Nectar Corridor’

Recently, I asked head of Garden for Wildlife™, Mary Phillips, from the National Wildlife Federation, to help us better understand the term as well as offer some top tips on how to create your own nectar corridor.

National Wildlife Federation announces Shubber Ali as Garden for Wildlife, Inc. CEO

As CEO, Ali will drive the company's mission to empower individuals and businesses to create a more sustainable world and help wildlife.

Are Monarch Butterflies Endangered?

Monarchs are among the most recognizable and best loved butterflies in North America. But you may have noticed fewer of them traveling through your garden over the last few years.

Saving the Monarch Butterfly with Mary Phillips

Landscape designers Matthew Dressing and Joanne Shaw are joined by Mary Phillips, Head of Garden for Wildlife™ at the National Wildlife Federation. Mary discusses the Federation's wonderful initiatives and shares how we can play a part in growing a bright future for the monarch butterfly and many other iconic native wildlife species.

Green & Growing: Pollinator protection is buzzing

It was 2019 when Guilford resident Heather Bradley accidentally killed a frog with her lawnmower. It wasn't a good day for the frog but a turning point for Bradley.

National Wildlife Federation announces Shubber Ali as Garden for Wildlife, Inc. CEO

As CEO, Ali will drive the company's mission to empower individuals and businesses to create a more sustainable world and help wildlife.

A Bad Day For A Frog Becomes A Good Day For the Environment

The goal of a pollinator pathway is to assure that native plants are available to bees and other pollinators at distances no more than one-half mile apart.

You can help revive the North American Monarch Butterfly

Take a moment and think about it when was the last time you saw a Monarch Butterfly flitting around your home or yard?

How to Transform Your Yard Into a Wildlife Sanctuary

Transform your yard into a wildlife sanctuary with these five changes, plus get a nifty plaque to show off to your neighbors.

Why You Should Care That the Monarch Butterfly Population Is Dwindling

With such a beautiful and beneficial species to our ecosystem now endangered, discover what you can do to help monarch butterflies thrive.

Monarch butterflies are in danger

Mary Phillips, head of Garden for Wildlife with the National Wildlife Federation, talks about monarch butterflies being in danger.

Monarch Butterflies Are Close to Extinction — Here's How You Can Help

On July 21, 2022, the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) announced that the migratory monarch was added to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and marked as endangered.

Monarch butterflies are in trouble; Here’s how you can help

The migrating monarch butterfly was added last week to the “red list” of threatened species and categorized as “endangered” for the first time by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Plant With Purpose: Benefit Wildlife, the Planet, & You!

Now is the time to make your yard or garden wildlife-friendly. Whether you’re a gardening novice with a small balcony or a gardening pro with a few acres, you can provide for local wildlife by planting with purpose.

Ready-to-plant, custom-designed wildlife gardens

Starting a wildlife garden from scratch can be a daunting task.  There is the challenge of selecting appropriate plants native to your region and adapted to your garden conditions, and then you have to locate a source from which to purchase them.

Social Impact Heroes Helping Our Planet

Why and How David Mizejewski Of National Wildlife Federation Is Helping To Change Our World

S2 Ep175: Monarch Butterflies and Feral Cats

Garden expert Teresa Watkins is saddened at the news that the Monarch Butterfly species has been put on the Endangered Species list but Garden for Wildlife Senior Director, Mary Phillips explains the designation and how planting the right native plants will help protect Monarch butterflies.

Ron chats with Mary Phillips


Making It Easier For Us To Make A Home For Birds And Pollinators

A lot of people want to help pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. But if the first task we face is finding the right native plants, it is not always easy to do.

Everything You Need to Know About Virginia Creeper

Love it or hate it, it's important to know how to manage this woody vine.

Spreading Cheer This Holiday Season

On a daily basis we don’t stop to think about how critical pollinators, (bees, butterflies, and birds) are to ecosystems and wine regions throughout the globe. But we should. And here’s how we can.

Spruce Up Your Summer Home

23 Great Ideas for Indoor & Outdoor Summer Gear & Decor

Free Our Gardens Return to Native Roots

Native plants produce habitat for birds, bees and insects essential to keeping our world green and growing.

Powerful Native Plants for Wildlife

There are lots of native plants and they all have attributes that have coevolved with wildlife. Powerful native plants are the 14% that actually support 90% of butterflies and moths in a given area.

What Is a No-Till Garden?

Less work, less money and healthier ecosystems. Here's why no-till gardening might be your next move.

10 Misunderstood Insect Pests in Your Yard

Three experts reveal their favorite insect pests, explaining why they like them and why you should, too.

Infuse Your Summer Garden with Pops of Pantone’s Very Peri

We might be several months into 2022, but we’re still not over Pantone’s Color of the Year—Very Peri.

What Are Native Plants and Where to Find Them

When shopping at the garden center, you may ask, what are native plants? Learn how to choose them, grow them and why they're important for pollinators.

Mother's Day gifts for the gardener in your life

With Mother's Day coming up on May 8, we offer a selection of thoughtful gifts for the mom in your life — or even the person who has been like a mom to you. They're perfect for those who like to garden and for those who simply like to enjoy the garden.

What a Mom Wants: Garden Media's Gardening Gift Guide for 2022

Mom deserves the best – this year and every year. The strength we have found this past year has been rooted in Mom, so give her a gardening gift that will bring a smile to her face and make her home beautiful for months – even years – to come.

Plant with a purpose

What you plant in your garden can have a big impact on native animals, birds and insects. We talk with the director of the National Wildlife Federation's Garden for Wildlife program about creating native habitats that provide food, water, cover and places to raise young.

How NOT to Plant a Tree on Arbor Day

Planting trees helps battle climate change and improves your local environment, but be sure you’re planting the right ones in the right ways.

Gardening gift guide for Mother’s Day

If you love pollinators as much as we do, you’ll know they love native plants. But what we don’t love is the stress of trying to find the right plants for the right region.

Welcome Mat: Novi Home & Garden Show back for spring

Spring is in the air at the Novi Home & Garden Show, presented by the Home Builders Association of Southeastern Michigan, which will be held at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi from April 8-10.

Meadow Gardens Are Surging in Popularity Right Now—Here's How to Grow One

Here's how you can add a pollinator-friendly meadow garden to your own landscape.

New Plants and Products for Spring 2022

Garden Media Group has released its 2022 Garden Superstars for Spring, featuring a variety of innovative new products.

Blooming Recovery

Milkweed is a crucial for the development for the caterpillar’s transition to butterfly, but there are many types of plants that provide nectar that are vital for the monarch butterfly to make its migration back to Mexico during the fall season.

Here's one weed to invite into your garden

Monarchs need milkweed to survive. Good thing there are plenty of garden-friendly species of this "weed."

Great Grow Along Celebrates Second Year Teaching Gardening Online

After a successful inaugural event, Great Grow Along will hold its 2nd virtual festival March 11-20, 2022

Interested in cultivating native plants? A ‘Wild Ones’ chapter can help

A new chapter of the national Wild Ones native-plant group is taking root in 11 south-central Pennsylvania counties, giving residents a new resource on the growing trend toward native plants.

The Top New Garden Trends to Try in 2022

Spring gardening season is upon us and it's time to get growing! Here are the top garden trends that the pros forecast for 2022.

Tips to help kids create a wildlife habitat garden

With spring and summer on the way and families ready to take their activitiesoutside, Garden for Wildlife™ has some interesting, educational and fun options for families!

Landscaping Design Trends of 2022

Homeowners are paying more attention to landscaping for wildlife, which includes birds as well as bees, butterflies and small critters.

Better Lawns and Gardens - Podcast

Host and garden expert, Teresa Watkins interviews Mary Phillips, Head of Garden for Wildlife, on the gardening campaign “Plant with a Purpose!”

Resource for Native Plants

Everybody talks about the need to grow native plants in the garden. But where do you find them? One answer is the National Wildlife Federation.

Plant with a Purpose: New Native Plant Collections from Garden for Wildlife

The Garden for Wildlife Collection of native plants makes it easier to plant with a purpose. These plants make it easy to do the greatest good in your region, and arrive directly to your door.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, This Valentine’s Day, Show Yourself Love, too

While red is the universal symbol of love, it’s the color green that will make anyone blush this Valentine’s Day.

Homeowner’s Guide To Garden Soil Treatment for the Winter

In winter, your garden can still be working, creating rich beds for spring planting. From compost to cover crops, here are some soil treatment ideas.

How to grow native plants without offending your neighbors

Having a regular maintenance plan and "cue to care" elements are key. 

6 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Join Your Local Garden Club

“Today, garden clubs have the same mission: to bring together people who have a passion for horticulture,” explains Mary Phillips, Head of Garden for Wildlife.

9 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Gardener in Your Life

With the promise of a bright holiday ahead, gardening and houseplant gifts are poised to bring joy to millions as the season of giving returns.

Plants That Support Pollinators' Full Life Cycle

Pretty flowers are only part of what pollinators need. Here are some native plants that help pollinators thrive in your garden and yard.

What’s In the Best Garden Soil?

Four key factors make up the healthiest garden soil composition. All are essential for thriving, lush gardens.

What Is Composted Manure & How Can It Benefit Gardening?

No jokes here, just straight info on how composted manure enhances your garden's health.