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Shipping Timeframes

We work hard to make sure you receive healthy plants that will lead to a thriving wildlife garden. Our growers nurture your plants until the timing is best to send them your way. Shipping windows are mostly based on the temperature where you’re planting and usually begin after the last frost date for your area has passed. Below is an estimate of timing based on historic weather patterns. Please note that this can fluctuate some based on current temperatures. Any major delays will be clearly communicated.

Pre-orders: Orders placed outside of the shipping window for your state are considered pre-orders. This reserves the plants for you and ensures you will receive them once the weather is safe for them to be shipped. As soon as your order ships, you will receive an email from with tracking information.

Orders placed within a shipping window: The grower for your area will select, carefully package, and ship your plants within 10 business days* of the order date. You will receive an email from with tracking information as soon as your order ships. For best results, you’ll want to unpack your plants upon their arrival and follow the instructions in your package.

*Important Note: To ensure your plants arrive healthy, we may delay shipments to certain areas during times of extreme temperatures, natural disasters, or other conditions that will impact the plants during transit. Any delays will be clearly communicated.

**Update** Fall/Winter 2022 Shipping Window End Timing:

The first frost dates are fast approaching the northern parts of the US. Here are our last ship dates by plant hardiness zones. Our growers help us decide these last ship dates to ensure that plants have the best chance of survival once you have received and planted them. You can find out more about your hardiness zone here


zone map



Hardiness Zone Shipping Window Open Shipping Window Close
Zone 3 May 15 October 1
Zone 4 May 15 October 1
Zone 5 April 30 October 1
Zone 6 April 15 October 15
Zone 7 April 15 October 29
Zone 8 Mar 1 Nov 30
Zone 9 Feb 1 Dec 15
Zone 10 Jan 30 Dec 15



Hardiness Zone Shipping Window Open Shipping Window Close
Zone 3 November 11 mid-December
Zone 4 November 11 mid-December
Zone 5 November 11 mid-December
Zone 6 November 11 mid-December
Zone 7 November 11 mid-December
Zone 8 November 11 mid-December
Zone 9 November 11 mid-December
Zone 10 November 11 mid-December