2021 Garden for Wildlife Photo Contest Winners

April 09 2022 – Kelly LaVaute

The Garden for Wildlife™ Photo Contest seeks to illustrate the faces of Garden for Wildlife through striking, colorful images showcasing the impact of habitat gardens on wildlife and people–in urban, suburban, and rural settings, and on land, in the air, and in water. 

Last summer, we received a record 9,000+ entries in our annual Garden for Wildlife Photo Contest. Judging is nearly impossible, and we're grateful to all the entrants for sharing their special moments in nature with us. 

Photographs may be submitted in one of the following five categories:

  1. People in Wildlife Garden
  2. Closeup Native Plants & Their Wildlife Visitors
  3. Wildlife Observations Where People Live, Work, Learn, Play & Worship
  4. Certified Wildlife Habitat Landscapes
  5. Young Habitat Photographers

Without further adieu, please congratulate this year's winners: Esther, Christopher, and Susan! 

1. Grand Prize Winner: Esther Fleming from Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Lizard on Flowers


2. Runner-Up Winner: Christopher Baker from Madison, Alabama | Pine Siskin

3. Runner-Up Winner: Susan Rose from Flagstaff, Arizona | Butterfly on Aster at Kebler Pass

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